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Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI) sought and received funding from The Bureau of Primary Care to expand health care services to the homeless population in South Miami Dade County. This program will address specific health issues for the homeless to include pediatric immunizations, school absenteeism, adolescent high risk behavior, diabetes, cancer, communicable diseases, prenatal care, family planning, substance abuse, behavioral health, oral health and STD’s including HIV/AIDS. CHI’s service area homeless population is increasing and their needs are not clearly identified due to a lack of accurate data.  During 2005, a total of 8,045 homeless users were served in all CHI sites.  The following demographic characteristics represent the 8,045 homeless users served in CHI: •1,885 (23%) were under age 19; 6,160 (77%) were 18 years old and older. •5,047 (63%) were female; 2,998 (37%) were male. •90% were at or below the Federal Poverty level. •35% were Black; 55% were Hispanic. •37% required interpretation services. Services will be provided by a clinical and support staff including outreach workers.  These staff are critical to CHI’s efforts to attract this mobile and hard- to-reach population.  Lastly, CHI will collaborate and establish linkages with faith based organizations, soup kitchens, shelters, schools and other organizations serving this population to serve as significant referral sources.
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