The CHI Community Initiative

CHI Community Initiative

Community Health of South Florida Inc. Community Initiative (CCI) is a collaborative for health and housing between Community Health of South Florida Inc. (CHI) and Preservation of Affordable Housing Inc. at the Cutler Manor Community. The outreach program is a service project that takes CHI teams from various specialties – medical, dental, behavioral health and more – into the community’s affordable housing centers. CCI was designed to empower adults and engage children and teens by providing meaningful programming at their location. It connects health care and other community resources in an effort to foster self sufficiency and the motivation to enhance residential quality of life.

CHI continues to have valuable programs at Cutler Manor. On a weekly basis, CHI outreach teams bring residents important resources such as health information, free contraception, and coordinated care related to health care, behavioral health, vision, school intervention and more. CCI led the charge in facilitating great services at Cutler Manor and has since been joined by other quality partnerships.

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