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Mission is to Train Doctors for Health Care Centers

3015The mission of this new residency program combines the professional expertise, teaching services and educational resources into a community teaching health center that serves a highly diverse and underserved population. CHI, the affiliated teaching hospitals, leadership, faculty and medical staff are committed to providing graduate medical education that facilitates residents’ professional, ethical and personal development.

Through our educational programs, evaluation and resident supervision, CHI and our GME programs ensure and support safe and high-quality patient care. CHI’s goal is to provide a well-balanced program that includes an abundant and diverse patient population, along with an excellent academic foundation.

Our GME programs provide first-rate advanced educational opportunities for emerging physicians. Unique components of the residency program curriculum include the integration of new and emerging topic areas including: instruction in medical ethics, medical genomics, medical informatics, all-hazards preparedness, cultural sensitivity and patient literacy. Our GME programs offer advanced education of the highest quality combining teaching, clinical service, safe patient care and research. It also facilitates the resident’s ethical, professional and personal development.

Upon program completion, residents will be capable of providing comprehensive, patient-centered care with compassion and in the context of family and community. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), studies show that residents who graduate from community health centers tend to choose to practice in health centers and in other comparable settings that serve underserved minorities and high-risk populations.

“Our goal is to have well-rounded physicians, psychiatrists and obstetricians once they graduate from here. We hope we’ll have a good retention rate for residents to continue working at CHI, or work in a similar setting,” said Dr. Elizabeth Philippe, Associate Director for Graduate Medical Education and CHI’s Chief of Family Medicine.

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